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Neck Surgery Case Client was T boned- $280,000.00

Client for injuries due to product

High six-figure confidential settlement

Trip and fall/premises liability wrongful death case

Six figure confidential settlement

Dog bite/dog attack on child- $35,000.00

Negligent supervision of child- $195,000.00

Comcast commercial vehicle collision- $275,000.00

Commercial truck-auto wreck- $230,000.00

Soft tissue lower back injury with corporate defendant.- $157,500.00

Hit-and-run car wreck

Confidential six-figure settlement for client

Dog chase/permanent injuries- $150,000.00

Car accident with DUI

Confidential five-figure settlement for client

Car accident with aggravating circumstances- $50,000.00

Medical bills $5,664 Defendant was DUI- $82,500.00

Settlement for a Dekalb County School Bus Driver- $80,000.00

Transporting students when involved in a collision with a commercial vehicle

settlement for a tenant- $85,000.00

Apartment unit ceiling collapsed on her.

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