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What To Do After an Airplane Accident

Aviation "incidents", meaning something went wrong, are far more frequent than one would guess. When something goes wrong in the air, it is similar to a boating accident in that, it can become extremely serious very quickly. The automatic assumption that pilot error is usually responsible for accidents is incorrect. Mechanical failure due to poor maintenance or defective airplane components can start a chain reaction of events which result in near disaster or a tragic outcome. Instead of living through such an incident, if a loved one lost their life, it is vital that you seek out an Alpharetta personal injury attorney with the intimate knowledge of air accidents needed to represent an injured flyer or passenger.

Airplane Accident Lawyer in Alpharetta

The regulations governing the aviation industry are complex. There are numerous state and federal laws and treaties involved. An airplane accident lawyer at our firm continuously studies to stay in the forefront of changes and recent events which might affect a claim for damages arising out of an aviation accident. Too often aircraft accident investigators rely upon the manufacturer of an airplane part to conduct tests and tell them if that part malfunctioned to the point of causing the mishap. No one seems to comment on the obvious conflict of interest that could result. For this reason and others it is important to carry out independent investigations and testing.

Our law firm has the resources to represent clients who suffered losses in major airline disasters, private aircraft and helicopter mishaps, as well as small plane accidents. A thorough investigation to identify the liable (legally responsible) parties must be done before a personal injury or wrongful death claim can be filed based on a defective product or other negligence. Call The Williamson Law Firm to discuss your claim with a skilled personal injury lawyer.

Contact an Alpharetta Airplane Accident Attorney at our firm who aggressively represents clients harmed by the negligence of another.