Birth Injuries

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Injuries Caused by Medical Errors and Birth Injuries

Birth is as hard on the child as it is on the mother. Bruises and other minor injuries are often noticed on a newborn. More serious injuries may not be so obvious but can last a lifetime and even shorten the life of a child. Not all birth injuries are the result of medical error but most serious injuries could be avoided by better management of the pregnancy, labor and neo-natal care.

If you suspect your child's birth injuries are the result of mistakes on the part of medical personnel waste no time in consulting an injury lawyer in Alpharetta with the expertise to look into the matter for you. Medical malpractice cases involving birth demand that you have highly skilled and qualified legal counsel.

Birth Injury Lawyer in Alpharetta

Labor while a natural process which goes on in homes and hospitals every day presents some risks to both mother and child. Conditions can exist which require careful management on the part of nursing staff and doctors. For example a breech presentation, which means the baby is in a "feet-first" position instead of head down, can allow the baby to get stuck. An overly large baby also cannot pass through the birth canal and would require a C-section procedure. The umbilical cord can be short and wrapped around the baby's neck which could cut off the oxygen supply.

Even a normal sized baby in the normal head down position can get a shoulder caught on the mother's pelvic bone and be unable to move through the canal. A fetal monitor is used to watch the condition of the fetus and tells medical personnel whenever the baby is too stressed. Mishandling of these common situations can lead to death, Erb's palsy (nerve damage affecting the shoulder and arm), cerebral palsy, mental retardation and other serious permanent conditions. A skilled birth injury lawyer at our firm can take action to hold liable parties accountable after an examination of labor and delivery records shows medical malpractice resulted in fetal injury.

Birth injuries often present complex issues which require specialized knowledge and determination to obtain justice for an injured child and the entire family. A personal injury lawyer at our firm will gather evidence through witnesses and medical experts to build a strong case before filing a claim for compensation. Call The Williamson Law Firm for a consultation concerning your child's birth injuries.

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