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The majority of people enjoy some form of water-related recreation. Personal water craft such as Jet Skis, water skiing, boating, swimming, and cruises are just a few. Negligence is the leading cause of all injury accidents on the water. Water related mishaps, just like accidents on land, usually could have been avoided if someone had taken more care. Accidents which occur on the water can turn serious very fast. Unlike on land you cannot simply step out and walk off to get help.

Serious accidents such as collisions, fires, or capsizing, whether caused by reckless operation or a defective product, can easily result in severe injuries or death. If you have lost a loved one or been injured in a boating accident a consultation with an Alpharetta personal injury attorney is an important step to begin taking charge again.

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Boats of all sizes offer opportunities for all kinds of entertainment and recreation but when under the control of a careless or reckless person can become hazardous to the occupants and others around who share the water. On large cruise ships crew and passengers can be injured or become ill as a result of poor maintenance, poor hygiene or a careless operator. Small craft can collide with other craft, swimmers, docks and other fixed obstacles. When on the water it is very important to know and observe the various safety rules and regulations to avoid endangering yourself or another. Maritime law also known as admiralty law is complex and injury accidents require the services of an experienced boating accident lawyer to secure compensation for any damages.

A skilled injury lawyer with our legal firm understands how to negotiate the complexities of these regulations in filing a settlement demand on behalf of an injured client. As brain injury from oxygen deprivation often accompanies injuries which occur in water, we ensure that future medical care and assisted living care expenses are included in your claim. Each accident is unique. Call The Williamson Law Firm to discuss your accident and damages with a skilled personal injury lawyer.

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