Broken Bones

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Broken Bones Are Serious Injuries

Broken bones are a common childhood injury resulting from falls from trees, riding bikes and rough play. While painful, these injuries usually heal without much trouble given proper medical care but sometimes become a source of arthritic pain later in life. Car accidents are a common cause of broken bones and in many cases this includes very serious fractures with long term effects. Children and older adults often suffer one type of fracture or another in trip and fall or slip and fall accidents. In serious accidents, broken bones can create long-term health problems.

These catastrophic injuries make life difficult and working can be painful or impossible. If you or a loved one has been injured because of another's negligence consult an Alpharetta personal injury attorney at once to find out if you are owed compensation for your losses.

Broken Bones Lawyer in Alpharetta

Bones can fracture in different ways which require different types of treatment. There can be a complete break across the bone or a lengthwise break. A bone can be broken into multiple pieces (a compound fracture). When one or more of these pieces protrude through the skin it is called an open break and puts the person at risk of infection developing within the bone which can become chronic unless properly treated. Multiple breaks which often happen in car accidents and falls may be slow to heal and in the presence of other physical conditions could result in permanent disability. A broken bone lawyer at our legal firm understands that broken bones are not merely painful but can result in lifelong problem and seriously impact your ability to enjoy life.

A claim for damages filed by a member of our legal firm will encompass all of an injured client's damages which could include pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, loss of future income as well as other damages such as the cost of physical therapy of vocational retraining. Speak with a personal injury lawyer at The Williamson Law Firm for a consultation concerning the circumstances of your injury as soon as possible.

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