Burn Injuries

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Causes of Burn Injuries

Having a loved one who has received a serious burn injury is very often accompanied by great anxiety and a number of questions. There can be doubt as to how severe the injuries are and what will happen with the healing process. You may have many questions regarding how this accident happened. What caused it? Who is responsible? How could this accident have been prevented? Fire or other disaster authorities will investigate and arrive at some of the answers. An experienced injury attorney in Alpharetta can provide answers concerning the liable parties.

Burn Injury Lawyer in Alpharetta

Fire is a very destructive natural force. In just a few seconds it can cause injuries which can take months or years to heal. Burn injuries are not only caused by fire but can also result from chemicals, electricity, hot liquids such as boiling water or fat, steam, and hot air. Burn victims can also suffer injury from inhalation burns as well as inhalation of toxic substances. Burn accidents can happen almost anywhere, including car accidents, truck accidents, or even on a boat. Statistics tell us that individuals over 65 and children under 5 year of age are at the greatest risk in burn accidents. These terrible events frequently happen on property which has been poorly maintained or as a result of defective products such as automobiles which catch fire. A burn injury lawyer at our firm is passionate about holding negligent parties responsible for all damages suffered by a burn victim.

Our legal firm recognizes the pain and suffering experienced by a serious burn victim. In preparing a claim for damages, our attorney consults medical experts and life planning authorities to ensure the settlement demand includes full compensation for present as well as future needs. A responsive personal injury lawyer at The Williamson Law Firm will discuss your case with you in order to help you decide which avenue is best for you. Call today and find out how we can help you.

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