Dangerous Drugs

Alpharetta Dangerous Drug Attorney

Dangerous and Defective Drugs

Every day we are barraged by new drug ads. It seems a drug is created for every ailment possible and one sometimes wonders about the motives behind the drugs. Many drugs marketed for medicinal purposes are not accurately or safely tested.

Sadly, many pharmaceutical companies have put profit over the lives and well-being of the public individual. Many trusting consumers assume that the FDA is trusted with drug safety and that they are doing their job. In many cases, drugs are approved by the FDA, put on the market, and people are killed or severely injured as a result. It is extremely important that you contact an Alpharetta injury lawyer that has extensive experience in handling defective drug cases. You need an attorney that will treat your case with care and one that is able to stand up to large pharmaceutical companies.

We believe that those injured by these defective drugs have every right to demand compensation for their injuries and to have skilled legal representation available to them. Our firm fights for those that have been wrongfully injured by negligent drug manufacturing companies and large pharmaceutical companies. These are billion dollar industries that must be made to adhere to ethical safety standards.

Dangerous Drug Lawyer in Alpharetta

Drug injuries can be extremely damaging to the body. The injuries can last a lifetime and take hundreds of thousands of dollars to treat. Drug injury claims should always be handled by an experienced attorney. Insurance companies will often try to lower your settlement amount. It is so important to have an attorney represent you in cases of injury, illness, permanent physical damage or loss of life from a dangerous pharmaceutical drug. They may try to elicit statements from you that can be used to lower your claim. Speak with an attorney immediately so that your rights are protected from the outset of the case.

Contact an Alpharetta Dangerous Drug Attorney immediately if you have been injured by a defective drug.