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Drowning accidents account for the majority of deaths of children below the age of 14 years old. A swimming or boating outing can turn into a tragedy quickly due to a drowning accident. Swimming pools may have inadequate lifeguard supervision or inadequate danger warnings. Children can drown in home swimming pools that lack proper safety barriers dictated by building codes.

If a family member has died in a drowning accident, contact a personal injury lawyer in Alpharetta for legal advice as to compensation for the suffering and loss caused by an accident. The Williamson Law Firm works closely with clients to establish a trusting relationship. During a time of difficulty, it is comforting to know that our firm can help surviving family members with all legal aspects concerning a drowning accident.

Compensation for Drowning Accidents

Most accidents are preventable when following proper safety precautions. When negligence is the cause of an accident, the responsible party may be liable to the injury victims. In the case of drunken boat operators causing an injury accident resulting in drowning victims, negligent actions are apparent. A public swimming pool lacking in lifeguard supervision can fail to prevent an accident especially when crowded with children and adults. Most residences have building code requirements for fences or barriers around pools to block children from entering the water by themselves and drowning.

When an adult drowns, there may be a loss of an income earner in a household. Monetary compensation may be available to those left behind following a drowning accident. Surviving parents, children, spouses and siblings may sue for wrongful death or other forms of liability. Damages may include:

The Williamson Law Firm is experienced in all personal injury matters including drowning accidents. It is best to speak with an attorney from our law firm before settling an insurance claim. The monetary compensation may not cover all expenses and suffering caused by a drowning accident. Make an appointment today for a consultation with one of our qualified drowning accidents lawyers.

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