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Riding a motorcycle is a source of great enjoyment and relaxation for many in the Alpharetta area. It affords greater maneuverability especially in congested traffic conditions and can decrease travel time in busy traffic. An enjoyable jaunt can turn into a life-changing disaster in just a few moments when a collision takes place.

Most motorcycle accidents involve another vehicle such as a car, van, truck or SUV and occur at slower speeds, yet result in serious and catastrophic injuries to the rider and passenger. Consulting an Alpharetta personal injury attorney who is prepared to aggressively seek compensation for your injuries can be vital to your future.

Why Motorcycle Accidents Happen

Motorcycle accident studies conclude that the most common cause of collisions with other vehicles is failure by car, truck or other vehicle operators to notice that a motorcyclist is sharing the road. The last major USC study concluded that in approximately one-half of multiple vehicle accidents involving a motorcycle the motorists view was obstructed by glare or other vehicles.

  • Driver negligence - After a motorcycle accident, drivers typically use the excuse that they didn't see the motorcycle. The reality is, many drivers fail to pay attention to the roads and are often distracted. Acts such as texting and driving, failing to check blind spots, or other negligent acts are common causes of motorcycle accidents.
  • Equipment defects - In some cases, faulty motorcycle parts can be responsible for a collision. When this happens, manufacturers can be held liable for injuries that occur. Common defects in motorcycles include faulty brakes, defective tires, poorly designed fuel systems, etc.
  • Hazardous road conditions - Although motorcyclists are equipped with advanced braking and traction features to minimize accidents, poorly maintained roads, spilled substances, and defects in highway construction can contribute to accidents.

Riding your motorcycle defensively continues to be the best way to avoid an accident. Never assume that the other driver will see your bike or check their blind spots for you. All riders should take extra steps to protect their safety by wearing helmets, being aware of the road, and following all traffic laws.

Get a Skilled Lawyer on Your Side!

After an accident, it is vital that the evidence documenting your claim for compensation is preserved. Our experience in this arena is of great service to the injured or their families in all legal matters surrounding serious injury or wrongful death claims in such cases.

In addition to the stress of being in an accident, being injured and possibly unable to carry on with your daily responsibilities, you may be facing mounting medical expenses and financial shortfalls. In such circumstances it can be crucial to be represented by an injury attorney with years of know-how in preparing a settlement demand. The prospect of future medical care needs must be factored in along with your current medical expenses, lost income, pain and suffering, physical therapy, possible vocational retraining and other damages. Call The Williamson Law Firm for a consultation with a personal injury lawyer to talk about your options.

Contact an Alpharetta Motorcycle Accident Attorney with our firm for effective help in recovering damages you have suffered through another's negligence.