Motorcycle Accident Injuries

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Helping Clients Suffering from Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Of the various types of road accidents a person can be in, the motorcycle accident commonly has the highest potential for severe injuries or death to the operator and passenger. The most serious accidents generally occur during a short trip close to the rider's residence. Even with the improved protective clothing and equipment serious injury can result such as pelvic and shoulder injuries when a negligent motorist makes an error.

After needed medical attention has been provided it is crucial that you seek the assistance of an experienced Alpharetta personal injury attorney who will take immediate action to protect your interests.

Motorcycle Accident Injury Lawyer in Alpharetta

Protective gloves, full-face helmets, jackets, pants and boots have been proven to avoid road rash, serious facial injury and reduce the incidence of severe and catastrophic injuries at all speeds. The majority of collisions and disastrous near-collisions with motorists very often occur at intersections. Resulting injuries can leave a rider and passenger in a hospital for a long period of time with enormous medical expenses which grow daily. When your accident was the caused by a defective product, bad road conditions, poor lighting, or negligence on the part of a motorist you may be owed compensation for your damages. An experienced motorcycle accident injury lawyer at our law firm is dedicated to helping those with injuries such as:

  • Road rash (severe abrasions)
  • Broken bones and fractures
  • Internal injury
  • Soft tissue damage
  • Head injury
  • traumatic brain injury
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Paralysis
  • Amputation and partial amputation
  • Blindness

Our skilled legal team understands how serious injuries change lives and is responsive to the needs and concerns of our clients. Your questions will be answered and you will be kept informed of the progress of your claim for damages. Consult a personal injury lawyer at The Williamson Law Firm for advice on how to proceed with your case.

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