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When the summer heat seems unbearable, a swimming pool can offer some much needed relief and fun. In many of the hotter Southern states, like Georgia, pools are commonly found at private residences, as well as health clubs and other recreation facilities. It is the legal responsibility of the owner to keep the area safe and maintained. Sometimes parents will even install childproof fences to keep young children away from danger and attempt to prevent drowning accidents.

Swimming pools, while fun and refreshing, can be absolutely deadly to an inexperienced swimmer, or if the area around it is slippery or not properly maintained. There are a number of ways someone can get hurt or die in or around a pool, and unfortunately, not all gates or walls will keep persistent children out of a backyard when they really want to swim.

If you or someone you know has been involved in a swimming pool accident, it is strongly advised that you obtain the services of a skilled Alpharetta premises liability attorney. Whether it was a slip and fall, an injury due to faulty pool equipment or a drowning, our law firm is prepared to go over the details of the accident and help make sure that justice is served if negligence was involved.

We Protect the Rights of Swimming Pool Accident Victims

Swimming pool accidents can lead to severe injuries that may take long periods of time and substantial financial resources to try and recover from. It can also be an emotionally traumatic experience, not just for the victim, but for family members as well, especially if the victim is a child.

Hiring an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer to represent your case will not only protect your legal rights, but also increase the likelihood of achieving the most beneficial outcome. At The Williamson Law Firm, we are committed to representing each case with the fortitude and vigor needed to go after what you deserve. We will aggressively seek maximum financial compensation for injuries, damages, lost wages and pain and suffering that result from the accident.

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