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You may not even be aware that a truck is near your car before the collision occurs. Serious 18 wheeler accidents and semi accidents frequently are rear-end crashes where a large truck runs into the rear of a smaller vehicle. Even a light brush by one of these huge, heavy vehicles at higher speeds can cause devastating damage. Life-changing injuries and astronomical medical expenses are common.

It is crucial that you contact an Alpharetta personal injury lawyer who can gather all of the facts for you about how to proceed legally. Our attorney, as former legal counsel for several large insurance companies, is well-aware of how insurance companies take action to avoid high settlements. Our lawyer has now turned his talents to those who need it most: the injured victims.

Causes of Trucking Accidents

Commercial trucks cover many miles each week. Because of the weight of the vehicle itself and the load it is carrying, they must have frequent repair and maintenance to ensure the truck responds as it should. How much the truck is carrying and how the load is distributed influences how quickly the truck can brake and how well it steers. Truck operators by law must be trained and certified in truck driving and must carry out frequent inspections of the truck's systems. When the trucking firm has failed to properly maintain their vehicle, this must be addressed in a civil claim filed against them.

Commercial truck operators generally work long shifts and continue to drive after they have passed the point of fatigue, affecting their ability to respond quickly in a dangerous traffic situation. In surveys a large percentage of operators have admitted to falling asleep while driving. An experienced truck accident lawyer will take fast action to investigate the scene of the accident, obtain witness statements and preserve other evidence, such as the truck itself, driver's logs, and trucking company records, crucial to proving liability on the part of the trucking company, the operator or other entity.

Select a personal injury lawyer with the specialized knowledge needed to effectively handle a semi accident case and file a comprehensive claim for damages on your behalf. If you have been injured or lost a loved one in a car or truck accident call The Williamson Law Firm for a case evaluation by a compassionate and qualified injury attorney.

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