18 Wheeler Accidents

Alpharetta 18 Wheeler Accident Attorney

Handling 18 Wheeler Accidents

After a serious 18 wheeler accident the truck insurance company's investigators arrive at the scene to gather any evidence and any statements from witnesses which could be used to reduce the insurance settlements to the injured victims. Getting an injured person to sign an agreement to settle and get an immediate payment can save the insurance company 80% or 90% or more of the amount an Alpharetta personal injury attorney could have demanded in damages, based upon the injuries suffered.

Our legal team advises those injured to say nothing to insurance company representatives and never make any agreements or sign anything without discussing it with your legal counsel. Those who have lost a loved one in an 18 wheeler accident will have the right to file a wrongful death claim if the truck driver, firm, or other party is found liable.

18 Wheeler Accident Lawyer in Alpharetta

There are many factors to investigate and understand after a big rig accident. A truck can be overloaded by the shipper which can make the rig hard to handle and could even cause it to go out of control. Trucking companies sometimes delay needed repairs and maintenance to save time or money. The driver dispatcher may have demanded the driver follow an unrealistic schedule which resulted in the driver speeding or becoming exhausted.

Driver fatigue has been found to be as serious a source of impairment as alcohol. Your 18 wheeler lawyer must identify all of the liable parties and locate and safeguard the evidence which may include the truck itself in order to construct a strong case while preparing to file your claim for damages.

Our legal team is also methodical in paying attention to details when formulating the settlement demand. Our legal firm consults medical, life planning and other experts to ensure all of your damages will be included. A truck accident lawyer at The Williamson Law Firm will keep you informed of progress in your case. Call us for a consultation and case evaluation right away.

Contact an Alpharetta 18 Wheeler Accident Attorney at our firm demands injured clients receive the maximum in compensation.