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Semi Vs passenger vehicle Accidents

The worst and most deadly motor vehicle accidents involve a collision between a passenger vehicle and a semi-truck. Due to the weight and size of the truck and the trailer which it tows, the cars involved just crumple. The serious or catastrophic injuries to the occupants of the automobile can take extensive time to heal and some may be permanent.

Most car drivers are unaware that an accident with a tractor trailer must be dealt with differently than a crash with another family car. Under these circumstances it is vital to rely upon an Alpharetta truck accident attorney for advice who is not only experienced but an aggressive champion for injured clients.

Semi Accident Lawyer in Alpharetta

Different laws apply to large commercial trucks. The FMCSR (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations) establish the regulations which all trucking companies and drivers must follow. The operators are required to meet the training and operating standards of the Commercial Driver's License Program. These large trucks travel long distances every week and must be regularly repaired and maintained in order to operate safely and not pose a danger to other people on the roads.

Drivers are restricted in the number of hours they may drive in a day but there is no restriction on how many miles they can drive in a day. This makes speed an important factor. Trucking companies and their insurance companies take aggressive action to avoid having to pay large settlements for injuries caused by drivers who violate the FMCSR. For this reason an experienced semi accident lawyer at our firm advises those injured to avoid any discussions with truck insurance company agents and to sign nothing without the advice of counsel.

The serious injuries like spinal cord injuries, neck and head injuries, paralysis and traumatic brain injuries may require a great deal of future medical care. Our legal firm understands what it takes to deal to file a claim for damages and pursue it all the way to final settlement agreement. If you have suffered serious injuries in a collision with a semi tractor-trailer consult with an experienced personal injury lawyer at The Williamson Law Firm who will demand full compensation for you.

Call an Alpharetta Semi Accident Attorney at our firm who is fully committed fighting for the maximum in compensation for your damages.